high glucose symptoms

One, who is having high glucose levels in the blood, is suffering from a condition called "hyperglycemia". In order to treat this condition, it's crucial that you know what causes this condition. Herein, you will be introduced to the causes of high blood sugar levels.

high glucose symptoms
high glucose symptoms

 high glucose symptoms

 The high blood sugar symptoms may vary from person to person, some people show no sigh or symptoms while the others show these common signs

  • Urinating more often than usual. Incidentally, the urine is commonly colorless and odorless. Just as a side note, in certain countries, you may even observe ants or other insects crawling to the toilets due to the sweetness of the urine.   
  • Needing to wake up more than twice nightly to urinate.
  • Constantly feeling thirsty and needing to drink more water than usual (and is unrelated to recent increase in physical activity). Patients normally describe this symptom as quite troublesome.
  • Having more frequent hunger pangs than usual, assuming you have been eating regularly.
  • Feeling tired even after regular sleep.
  • Unable to sustain an erection although you were well able to do so in previous years.
  • Multiple and recurring infections that you do not normally get, including yeast infections.
  • Having recent new or increased visual problems, such as blurriness or white patches. It is important not to dismiss visual problems as part of a normal aging process.
so if you have a slight doubt visit the doctor, because if you are wrong that is great news and if you are right hopefully you have realised it early and can cure it.

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